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If I have any method to my madness in guitar generic viagra testimonials playing, it came from Mr. Meyfarth/Tim (you can pick whichever name you want to put on your website). He patiently taught me to play with efficiency. I use everything he taught me every time I play, he's that good. I highly recommend him as a musical mentor and guitar teacher.

- Chance



I met Tim after I started playing guitar for 2 years. I was learning by my self before I met Tim, and I thought I got pretty good for second year guitarist but, I was struggling to get to the next level. I only could play few kinds of music and I was not improving from that point. So I decided to learn guitar from Tim, and it changed my music life. By learning from Tim, my range of the music extended a lot. I learned many techniques and he turned me into 100 times better guitarist. Two years of playing with Tim was much more than two years before I met him.

During two years of playing with Tim, he gave me lots of opportunity to play guitar at many places and I was having so much fun playing guitar!!!!!

I got way too many memories of playing guitar in those two years with you Tim.

Keep Shredding!!!!!

- Koyo




cialis online



"Tim was an excellent instructor not only of songs, but of technique" ... Jenny










PDF buy amoxil online generic viagra 100mg

I am a singer who has worked with Tim before on a recital of rock as well as other musical performances and found his teaching ability to be stellar. He worked with all levels of guitarists and was very helpful and encouraging, with his beginner guitarists he clearly demonstrated the basics of guitar playing and to his expert guitarists he offered sound words of advice on technique, improvisation, and theory. Although Tim is a guitar teacher he even taught me some things about voice that have since made me a successful singer. I have taken traditional voice classes but Tim offered me new insights on the rock n' roll/heavy metal style. He helped me with my pitch recognition and developed my explosiveness as a rock/blues/metal singer that traditional classical voice teachers tend to shy away from. His ability to assist me with these techniques not only shows his expertise as a guitar teacher but his competence as a great musician.

You can alter this anyway you want, and don't think of this as stroking your ego because we can still knock each other down a peg or two.

Your favorite singer of all time (even more than Rob Halford),

- Isaac Perales